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What We Offer

Chittenden County Chiropractic offers a straightforward, medical based approach to Chiropractic care. All of our patients receive courteous, professional care for their neuromusculoskeletal complaints. As a professional member of Vermont's local health care community, Dr. Pike has become a trusted resource for hands on, effective procedures & expert advice designed to compliment and enhance the body's wellness & natural healing abilities. Dr. Pike provides chiropractic services to a wide spectrum of the patient population from young children to the elderly. He has significant training in sports injury management and pain relief for the expectant mother. The office also provides unparalleled treatment of headaches, sciatic nerve problems, spine and extremity pain.

If aches and pains are bogging you down, give us a call today at Chittenden County Chiropractic – For Better Health Naturally.

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic analysis and adjustment of a pregnant woman's pelvis and spine. Dr. Welch will focus on balancing the movement of the bony pelvis and the pulls of the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This allows better positioning of the baby, and can assist in easing delivery. In addition to these benefits, this technique can aid in the reduction of low back pain, sciatica, and headaches associated with pregnancy. Chiropractic can also relieve upper back and arm discomfort while you are nursing and holding your newborn.